Chocolate Mud Cake

Rich Chocolate Mud Cake iced in a dark chocolate ganache.

7” Round   $28.00

10” Round  $42.00

White Chocolate Mud Cake

Rich White Chocolate Mud Cake iced in white chocolate ganache.

7” Round   $28.00

10” Round   $42.00


Marbled White & Dark Mud

Rich Dark Chocolate Mud swirled with white chocolate mud iced in a marbled ganache.

7” Round    $28.00

10” Round    $42.00


Strawberry Mud

Strawberry mud cake iced in white chocolate ganache drizzled with strawberry ganache.

7” Round d   $28.00

10” Round    $42.00


Caramel Mud

Rich Caramel Mud Cake iced in a caramel ganache

7” Round   $28.00

10” Round   $42.00


Chocolate Mint Mud

Rich Chocolate Mud Cake swirled with peppermint mud cake iced in a marbled  chocolate and peppermint  ganache

7” Round   $28.00

10” Round    $42.00


Red Velvet Cake

Traditional red velvet cake iced in chocolate ganache marbled with rich red ganache or Traditional cream cheese Icing

7” Round    $28.00

10” Round   $42.00


Carrot and Walnut Cake

Traditional Carrot Cake iced in cream cheese frosting finished with crushed walnuts.

7” Round $30.00

10” Round   $43.00


Orange & Poppyseed Cake

A  moist cake made with fresh oranges and poppyseeds iced in cream cheese frosting and finished with poppyseeds.

7” Round   $30.00

10” Round   $43.00


Banana Cake

A moist cake made with fresh bananas iced in cream cheese icing finished with toasted almonds.

7” Round   $30.00

10”Round    $43.00


Sticky Date Cake

Traditional Sticky Date pudding made with fresh dates iced in a self saucing caramel icing.

7” Round     $28.00

10 “ Round   $40.00

Flourless Chocolate Cake

A rich flourless gluten free chocolate cake drizzled in chocolate ganach and dusted with dutch cocoa.

7” Round  $30.00

10” Round  $42.00

Orange Almond Syrup Cake

A Gluten free, dairy free cake made with fresh poached oranges and almond meal finished with toasted almonds. Gluten and Dairy Free

7” Round   $32.00

10”Round   $45.00


Baked Cheesecakes - GLUTEN FREE

Traditional style baked cheesecakes in assorted flavours


-Caramel Swirl

-Raspberry and white chocolate

-Mars Bar (not Gluten Free)

8” Round       $34.00

10” Round    $47.00



Chocolate buttercake soaked with a Delicious coffee mousse and finished off with marscopone and dusted with dutch cocoa.

7” Round   $30.00

10” Round   $42.00


Cold Set Cheesecakes all GLUTEN FREE

Available in assorted flavours

-Caramel & Chocolate Swirl


-Mixed Berry

-Chocolate Mint


-Rockyroad (NOT Gluten Free)

8” Round   $34.00

10” Round   $47.00


Vanilla Buttercake

Vanilla Buttercake layered with Jam & Cream or caramel and Cream finished in icing of your choice,

Fresh cream, white or dark chocolate ganache, or soft icing.

7” Round $28.00

10” round $42.00


Chocolate Buttercake

Chocolate buttercake layered with your choice of chocolate ganache or fresh cream iced in chocolate ganache.

7” Round   $28.00

10”Round    $42.00


Triple Mousse Cake

Chocolate mud topped with rich chocolate mousse a thin layer of sponge and fresh cream smothered in chocolate ganache decorated with marbled chocolate shards.

7’’ Round  $32.00

10’’ Round  $45.00


Black Forest Torte

Chocolate Sponge layered with fresh cream and black cherries.

7” Round  $30.00

10” Round   $42.00


Greek Coconut Torte

A moist Coconut cake soaked with a lemon syrup.

7” Round  $28.00

10” Round  $40.00


Berry Charlotte

Vanilla Sponge layered with  custard and fresh berries.

7” Round   $32.00

10”  Round   $45.00


Banana Bread

Banana Loaf made with fresh bananas



Profiterole Cake

Custard filled choux pastry ring topped with profiteroles stacked on top and drizzled in chocolate ganache, finished with fresh cream and strawberries.

7” Round $35.00

10” Round $50.00

Caramel Profiterole Delight

Vanilla Buttercake on base, custard filled profiteroles surrounded by caramel mousse, topped with caramel ganache with a white chocolate shards around the sides.

7” Round  $30

10’’  Round  $45


Individuals $6.00

22cm $28.00

28cm $40.00


Chocolate & Raspberry Tart 

Pear & Almond Tart 

Caramel Pecan Tart 

Key Lime Tart

Caramel Meringue

Lemon Meringue

Fruit Tart.



ALLERGEN NOTE: Whilst all care is taken to prevent cross contamination of ingredients, we are a fully operational kitchen, no guarantee can be provided.

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